Banner Game

The Banner Game was established in order to promote visitations between NORTEX clubs.  Below is a list of the banners the Roadrunners Square Dance Club holds and which banners are out to other clubs.

Banners we hold:

Texas Reelers (10/4/19)
Diamond Jubileers (10/12/19)
Rebel Rousers (10/19/19)
Dixie Chainers (11/9/19)
Lone Star Solos (11/30/19)
Triangle Squares (1/25/20)
Cliff Dwellers (2/14/20)
Trail Blazers (2/15/20)
Kissin Kuzzins (2/29/20)
T-Squares (7/2/21)
Pioneers (7/22/21)

Banners out to other clubs:

Tri-Cities (1/2/20)

Last Updated:  (7/23/21)