Jo & Vernon @ our Big Tex’s Big Fair Square Dance
Some Big Tex’s @ our dance 9-17 Jack, Carla, Jody, & John
9-17 More Big Tex’s Jody, Mary, Eddie, & Vernon
9-17 Dancing to Vernon
9-17 More Dancing to Vernon
9-17 A floor full of Dancers
9-17 Tighten up that square
Time to take a break
9-9 Karen & Nelda Double Plus
9-9 Roadrunners @ Double Plus
9-9 Double Plus Dance
9-9 Double Plus Dance Let’s Dance
9-9 Double Plus Dance Patiently Waiting for next tip
Tim Tyl & Jo @ Roadrunners 50th Anniversary – Pirates of the Caribbean Dance.
50th Vernon, Susan, Eric, & Debi
50th Vernon holding court
50th Susan & Debi
50th June, Dennis, Kaye, & Jack
50th Joni, Jo, Greg Arrrrg
50th Jody, Carla, Dottie, & Richard
50th Jet & Benny
50th Ed, Pam, Jet, & Sandra
50th Duane, Teresa. Do, Marita, & Reinier
50th Carla, Jody, Sandra, & John
Dancing to Charles Crockett @ Ft Worth Squares 8-27-21 Take Me out to the Ballgame Dance
Waiting for the next Tip
17 Roadrunners @ Pioneers Luau Dance 8-26-21
Waiting on Ray to get started
Enjoying dancing to Ray Savell
Jack & Kaye At Luau Dance
Jo, Melissa, & Audrey @ Luau Dance
The Prez & Ken Burke Calling our Dance in Your Polka Dot Pants Dance 8-19-21
VP Joni, Susan, & Melissa
dancing to Ken Burke 8-19-21
more dancing to Ken Burke 8-19-21
even more dancing to Ken Burke 8-19-21
The masked polka dot dancers – Sharon & Don
Susan, Melissa, & Kaye
RR Friends hanging out
Pam & Greg
Jody, Dennis, June, & Carla
Eddie, Mary, & Pam
Joni filling in as Prez. She did a GREAT job. I can see a future for her. Vernon just keeping an eye on her. 8-5-21 Dog Daze of Summer Dance
Dancing to Vernon & the Dog Daze of Summer
Waiting for the next tip
More dancing, we had a great time.
June & Dennis first time on Kitchen Crew. Great Job!! I think you are hired.
10 Roadrunners went to Tri-City 7-24. Got out banner back and they graciously gave us their banner too!! Beep Beep
9 Roadrunners visited the Pioneers on 7/22/21 and got their banner
Aloha from Hawaii Dance July 15
July 15th Nelda Eaton
A little Line Dancing
Dancing to Vernon July 2 T-Square
Wonder what this story is all about???????
Keeping on our toes
Taking 5
Bobby Willis Calling July 1, 2021
Grand March Red, White, & Blue Dance
Having Fun July 1, 2021
11 Roadrunners @ 70th National Square Dance Convention in Jackson, MS
June 19, 15 Roadrunners attended the Swinging into Swingtime Dance
June 18, 25 Roadrunners made it out to Swinging into Swingtime Dance
Dancing to Vernon, Charlie, & Scott
Taking a rest
Jerry Gilbreath calling Roadrunners Tie Dye Dance 6-17-21
Diane & Richard
Joni, John, Sherry, Doug, Pam, Greg, Jet
Kaye, Jack, June, Dennis, Sharon, Jorge, Jet
Linda, Leonard, Katie, Jerry, Jet, Alberto, Elizabeth
Just Visiting
Roadrunner Friends
12 Roadrunners went to Marshall, TX for the 2021 State Convention
Friday night after party,
Saturday lunch in Jefferson, TX. Ask Don about the Kornbread sandwiches.
Here it is World Famous and we even got Benny in the pic
Dancing Saturday night in Marshall TX at State Convention
Enjoying all the callers at State
So how do you work this thing again?
Lou, Tim, & Rebecca Tanner @ State Convention 2021
Charlie & Kristi Robertson Calling for Roadrunners June 3, 2021. Awesome Dance
Who is that half a man hiding here?
Lots of good dancing!!!
Finishing off the night with the last dance.