NORTEX Installation Dance Mike Bramlett Calling
Vince Matej won NORTEX Dancer of the year
Diane Carter Star Award from NORTEX
The designers of the NORTEX Awards Sharon & Dale Hoppe
part of crowd @ Roadrunner Picnic 2023
Joni the planner, Pam the host, & Robert we just don’t know
the grill masters hard at work
so much food
the pool was a hit
Lifetime members Charlotte & Lewis
Lifetime members Bob & Donna & newest members Ronnie & Pam
games were played
and more games
Brad Caldwell & Jet
Roadrunner Pirate Dance
Dancing to Brad
Boy Scout Troop posting colors for CASUL Memorial Day Dance
Veteran line at CASUL Memorial Day Dance
CASUL Memorial Day Dance
Swinging Into Swingtime Charlie, Scott, & Vernon
Swinging Into Swingtime Dance
Roadrunners Sadie Hawkins Dance Ray Savell & Vernon Jones
Roadrunners Sadie Hawkins Dance
Sadie Hawkins Dance
Roadrunners @ Circle I Dance May 13th
Circle I banner raid by Roadrunners
Roadrunners @ Texas Reelers Anniversary Dance
Darryl Lipscomb suprising Jet @ Feasta Fiesta Dance
Grand March
Feasta Fiesta Dance Good to see Lewis & Charlotte – Lifetime Members
Pam & Joni handing out banners
Lewis has just turned 90, not bad.
Tri City 63rd Anniversary with Nelda Eaton & Ray Savell
Roadrunners @ Tri City Anniversary
Roadrunners @ Tri City
Roadrunners @ Tri City
Tim Tyl, Mike Bramlett, & Country Drive Band Kissin Kuzzins 50th Anniversary Dance
Roadrunners @ Kissin Kuzzins Dance
Kissin Kuzzins Grand March
Roadrunners @ Kissin Kuzzins 50th Anniversary Dance
Batter Up Dance Grand March
Ken Burke with Jet
Batter Up Dance
4-14 Roadrunners @ Swinging Stars captured their banner
Swinging Stars Honey Pot Winner!
Roadrunners April 6th Old-Tyme Dance
Grand March Old-Tyme Dance with Vernon Jones Calling
31 Guests & 36 Roadrunners- YEAH!
Pam & Joni handing out the Honey Pot to the winner
Roadrunners attending Double Plus on 3-9
Scott talking with some Roadrunners
Karen introducing Scott Bennett
Roadrunners @ T Squares dance March 3
Vernon Jones calling T Squares dance
Roadrunners in Waco dancing to Tony Oxendine Feb 26th
Eating after dance
Roadrunners @ Tri City with Ray Savell Caller
more Roadrunners @ Tri City
Joey & Jet Feb 16 Under the Sea Dance
Under the Sea Dance Grand March
Under the Sea Dance
Circle I was in the house
Graduation Class of 2023
Last Lesson for 2023
Toby finishing up Roadrunner 2023 Lessons
We even had cake!
Vernon Jones & RR’s @Double Plus Dance Feb 9th
Getting our steps in
Roadrunners waiting for the next tip
Roadrunner Lessons 2-4
Jack, Darryl, Melton, & Kim Circle 8 Dance 2-4
Roadrunners waiting for next tip
Roadrunners & Caller Brady Debate @ Trail Blazers Dance Jan 21st
Dancing with Trail Blazers
Toby Thomason teaching week 3 Jan 21st
Week 3 Lessons
Triangle Squares Anniversary Dance with Tim Tyl & Toby Thomason Jan 20th
Roadrunners Celebrating with Triangle Squares
Jet & Bobby Willis @ Roadrunners Boot Scootin Boogie Dance Jan 19
Jan 19th Boot Scootin Boogie Grand March
Jet & Tim Tyl our Caller Jan 5th Dance
Grand March
Dancing to Tim
17 Roadrunners attended New Years Eve Dance hosted by Rainbow Rounds – Scott Bennett & Ken Burke Calling
John, Sharon, Don, & Sharon
Diane, Pam, & Eddie
Way to go Roadrunners!
December 15th White Christmas Dance
Jet introducing Mike Bramlett calling RR White Christmas Dance
Jet and Mike welcome new Roadrunners Jim & Sharon
Visitors from CA
Benny looking for his wave
11-17 Turkey Trot Dance Dave & Jet
11-17 Turkey Trot Dance Grand March with Dave Vieira
Dancing with Dave Vieira
11-17 Roadrunner Turkey Trot Dance
11-3 Fall is in the Air Dance. Ray & Jet
11-3 Fall is in the Air Dance Grand March
Dancing to Ray Savell @ RR Fall is in the Air Dance Nov 3rd