Roadrunners & Caller Brady Debate @ Trail Blazers Dance Jan 21st
Dancing with Trail Blazers
Toby Thomason teaching week 3 Jan 21st
Week 3 Lessons
Triangle Squares Anniversary Dance with Tim Tyl & Toby Thomason Jan 20th
Roadrunners Celebrating with Triangle Squares
Jet & Bobby Willis @ Roadrunners Boot Scootin Boogie Dance Jan 19
Jan 19th Boot Scootin Boogie Grand March
Jet & Tim Tyl our Caller Jan 5th Dance
Grand March
Dancing to Tim
17 Roadrunners attended New Years Eve Dance hosted by Rainbow Rounds – Scott Bennett & Ken Burke Calling
John, Sharon, Don, & Sharon
Diane, Pam, & Eddie
Way to go Roadrunners!
December 15th White Christmas Dance
Jet introducing Mike Bramlett calling RR White Christmas Dance
Jet and Mike welcome new Roadrunners Jim & Sharon
Visitors from CA
Benny looking for his wave
11-17 Turkey Trot Dance Dave & Jet
11-17 Turkey Trot Dance Grand March with Dave Vieira
Dancing with Dave Vieira
11-17 Roadrunner Turkey Trot Dance
11-3 Fall is in the Air Dance. Ray & Jet
11-3 Fall is in the Air Dance Grand March
Dancing to Ray Savell @ RR Fall is in the Air Dance Nov 3rd
Dancing to Vernon Jones @ T-Squares Dance
Roadrunners attending T-Squares Dance on 10-21
10-20 Ghosts & Ghoulies Dance with Ken Burke
Getting is some workshop time
Enjoying Ken Burke @ Ghosts & Ghoulies Dance Oct 20
A family cousin joined us at our dance
10-14 RR @ Pioneers
10-14 Roadrunners Dancing to Nelda Eaton @ Swingtime
10-14 RR With Dan Nordbye @ Swinging Stars
10-14 Dancing to Dan Nordbye @ Farmers Branch
Roadrunners Pre Round Up Dance Grand March October 6th. With Dan Nordbye Calling.
Our Presidents dancing to Dan Nordbye & Roadrunner Pre Round Up Dance 10-6
Pam Reedy with Dan Nordbye
Pink Ladies @ October 6th Dance
Jet, Tim, & Pam @ RR Big Square State Fair Dance
Grand March Big Square State Fair Dance
5 Squares @ Big Square State Fair Dance
Big Square State Fair Dance
Circle I banner retrieval July 9
RR dancing to Nelda Eaton @ Pioneers dance July 8
Captured Pioneers banner 7-8
Tim & Jet @ Roadrunners Red, White, & Blue dance July 7
Waiting for next tip @ Red, White, & Blue dance
RR Red, White, & Blue dance July 7
20 Roadrunners @ Nationals June 2022
Waiting to dance @ Nationals
NTX Friends, Callers, & RR’s @ Nationals
Visiting the Reitz House in Evansville, IN
Eating lunch at Nationals and ran into DeeDee
Ghost Riders Band
HEX Dancing @ Nationals
Evidently Eddie was whining a bit to much
Eddie finally got his wine. 😉
Last night @ Nationals, I think we were all a bit tired.
Good Bye Evansville, the last hurrah of Nationals
Dancing @ State Saturday night
Pink Ladies @ State June 11
Greg watch out for the finger
Working the mainstream hall Saturday during the day
Saturday night after dance party @ State
Roadrunners @ Friday night State Festival Dance
6-10 Friday night after dance party @ State
June 5 NORTEX Installation Dance
Roadrunners @ NORTEX Dance 6-5
Vince being sworn in as Area VP
June 4 Circle 8 Dance 75 Anniversary
Circle 8 Dance
Circle 8 Dance
Circle 8 Dance June 4
June 2 Pirates Dance with Judy, Toby, & Jo
June 2 Pirates Grand March
Dancing with Toby
Pirates Dance That 1 Pirate has a twitchy eye
June 2 Pirates Dance
I did not know Pirates could Line Dance
Roadrunner Veterans @ CASUL Memorial Day Dance May 30, 2022
Our photographer Kaye & Jack
Dancing @ CASUL Memorial Day Dance
Taking a break
Waiting to dance
5-21 RR’s attending Trail Blazers Area 51 Anniversary Dance
5-21 RR & Friends @ Trail Blazers
No Alien getting Eddie
RR with Jet Roberts
dancing with T Squares
5-20 dancing to Jet & Vernon @ T-Squares
Jo & Nelda @ Sadie Hawkins Dance
new members Donna & Mike Fox
waiting for Nelda
Good crowd @ Sadie Hawkins Dance
Club Picnic May 14
Cooling off at the picnic
Playin Kubb
Taking care of business
Tri City Anniversary Dance May 13
Waiting @ Tri City Anniversary Dance
Circle 8 Dance May 7
Waiting for Jerry Junck
Jerry Junck with Roadrunners
Roadrunners @ Swinging Stars Anniversary Dance
4-30 Swinging Stars Anniversary Dance
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 4-30-Swinging-Stars-Anniversary-Dance-1024x957.jpg
Swinging Stars Anniversary Dance Got ours & theirs
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 4-29-Kissin-Kuzzins-Anniversary-Dance-1024x576.jpg
Roadrunners @ Kissin Kuzzins Anniversary Dance
4-29 Kissin Kuzzins Anniversary Dance Tim Tyl
4-29 Kissin Kuzzins Anniversary Dance got their banner
We got their banner @ 4-22 Pretty in Purple Dance
Roadrunners @ Ft Worth Squares Pretty in Purple Dance
Roadrunners @ Ft Worth Squares Pretty in Purple Dance
Jerry Gilbreath calling Batter up Dance
Batter up Dance Grand March
Visiting Couple from OKC at Batter up dance
4-21 more Batter up dance
4-21 Badman’s @ dance
4-21 Batter up dance
Roadrunners 50 +1 Anniversary Dance “Putting on the Glitz” 4-9-22
Charlie Robertson with Jo & Greg
1st tip square
I asked for volunteers to be President. I see 3 hands.